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I normally book through Agoda, which I think is the most efficient hotel booking site. You can, however, choose any other agency that you prefer. There are several reasons that I don’t book directly with the hotels:

   1) They tend to charge higher than the actual price    2) Sometimes, their booking system is screwed up, and your booking may have been cancelled or not even registered in the system before you actually arrived (happened to me once and my friend twice).Here are some recommendations of Sapa hotel that you should consider

  1. Luxury Sapa (book through Agoda)

This is a hotel that’s very famous among locals due to its location, view and affordable price. Price starts from $25 with valley view. When I say valley view, it’s spectacular.

We stayed there twice, and waking up in the morning is just so heaven-like, as you can literally reach out to the cloud. The hotel is a short walk away from central of the town and it’s ideal for couples seeking some quietness.

The very first capsule hotel in Sapa highlands

  1. Mountain View Hotel (book through Agoda)

This hotel is for budget-conscious traveler, as it can be as cheap as $15-$17 per night. Although the amenity is not as good as Luxury Hotel, the hotel is clean and cozy. And as the name implies, it offers some amazing view. It’s located at the end of Cau May St., central of the town where most of the night actions take place. There’s a pretty cool bar in front of the hotel with cheap beers and nice environment. Restaurants and café are just steps away so you will feel very convenient.

  1.  Chau Long Sapa(book through Agoda)

Chau Long is another hotel with stunning view of the Muong Hoa valley, however it’s on a higher end. Take note that there are two Chau Long, 1 and 2, with Chau Long 1 being cheaper. The price is around $40 and $70 respectively.

This hotel is rated very highly among travelers for quality of services and facilities. I, however, never stayed there before, simply because it’s too far from the main streets and my budget did not allow. Plus, there are so many places and things you can explore in Sapa, so I rather not spend too much on hotel.

Sapa Vietnam – A Complete Travel Guide 10Sapa Vietnam – A Complete Travel Guide 5

  1. Eden Sapa(book through Agoda)

Although I’d rather stay in the middle of actions, sometimes a laid-back, romantic environment is in order. I stayed in Eden hotel for my honeymoon back in 2010. It was perfect. Not many know about this boutique family-run hotel, but it’s almost always fully booked due to small number of rooms.

If you are seeking solitude and/or some quality time with your partner, this hotel is my #1 recommendation. From the helpful and friendly staff, the cozy well-decorated room to the breath-taking scenery, everything is set for two love birds. Room rate is reasonably priced at around $25-$30 per night including breakfast. By far, this is my favorite Sapa hotel, the only minus point is the distance to the center of the town. But if you don’t mind walking a bit then it should not be a problem.


The very first 5-star hotel in Sapa

Sapa Vietnam – A Complete Travel Guide 17Sapa Vietnam – A Complete Travel Guide 19

There are of course other more expensive and luxury hotels like Bamboo, Victoria but I never stayed there before. If you want a more high-end service, then check out those hotels.

What To Bring

Most Sapa hotels, if not all, are not equipped with in-room heater, so make sure you bring enough warm clothes, shoes, gloves, and etc. The weather can be very cold all of sudden. Bringing your own blanket is also a good idea, because sometimes the hotel’s blanket is way too thin. Sure you can ask for an extra blanket, but I hate the feeling of being covered in double blanket.

You should bring some medicines (which can be easily acquired when you are at Hanoi) for cold, digestion, stomach ache. If you are planning to trek, then bring trekking shoes and aid kits. Most of other things like mineral water, snacks, and beer (yes!) can be purchased easily in the town. Do not purchase at the hotel though, it’s way more expensive.

That’s pretty much it. The rest is up to you, whether you want to bring a camera (who wouldn’t?) or a picture of your dog.

Note-worthy things Sapa offers this season





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