What do want to experience at night in your Sapa tour? Of course something to stir your blood after a long day of trekking, right? The check out these four best destinations to and you will see a different face of this city of the cloud and of course feel the energetic rhythm of nightlife.

Sapa is always a land of beauty and surprise. By making a journey in this town tourist will fall for not only the stunning natural scenery but also many amazing architectures. People are all impressed with the unique beauty which is the most perfect combination between the ancient culture of a typical Asian country rich in history and the delicate feature of western country.

As a matter of fact, not talking about many ancient architecture with French style, people can easily find a lot of building in modern style contributing to the lovely picture of a peaceful and rustic town without overshadowing the authentic features. Along the main roan in the downtown, there are many café stand out with their appearance and apparently the shop sign in English or French.

Let come in and take a look, maybe something interesting are waiting for you to discover.

1. Bebop bar

Located at Cau May Street, Bebop bar is actually a coffee shop which stand out to be one of the most magnetic stopover of people who’d love to relax in a peaceful ambiance just like an escape from the noisy outside.

In a corner, you will find a billiard board where you can relax and calm your mind in a very classic and interesting way. Especially, there are officially a place where you or any music lover can sing or play a song as your wish.

But, the most amazing thing is to admire the town sleeping in the light blanket of fog and the beautiful performance of nightlife. Can you imagine how satisfying it is when tasting a cup of coffee and feeling the caress of the freezing air while watching people on the street? Such an indescribable experience.

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Sapa’s best night destinations (part 1) 1

2. H’mong Sister Bar and Game

Unlike Bebop bar, H’mong Sister Bar and Game is the ideal stopover for energetic people who a noisy and lively night. After the wooden door is a different world with the giggle, the loud music… the sound of happy.

Sapa’s best night destinations (part 1) 2

Though the small space, nothing can make guest complain about this place which is stand out with an impressive vintage style mixing with the modern beauty of furniture.

Sapa’s best night destinations (part 1) 3

The attraction of H’mong Sister Bar and Game is no doubt the diversity of drinks and cocktails.

Sapa’s best night destinations (part 1) 43. The Hill Station

If you want something more Vietnamese, let check stop by The Hill Station located on Muong Hoa Street.

Sapa’s best night destinations (part 1) 5

By choosing an outside table, you can have a full view of Sapa at night. In contrary, for one who want to enjoy a tranquil ambiance, you can go upstairs and choose a seat next to the window.

Sapa’s best night destinations (part 1) 6

The Hill Station also serve many famous regional delicacies like water buffalo meat or salmon… which can definitely satisfy your appetite.

Sapa’s best night destinations (part 1) 74. Bamboo Bar

The last but not least, Bamboo Bar is the biggest bar in the whole town which is apparently a trendy destination in Sapa.

Sapa’s best night destinations (part 1) 8

In addition, the secret behind its success is traditional art of music of ethnic people, interesting and amazing.

Sapa’s best night destinations (part 1) 9

Besides, this bar appear as a nice place for tourist to learn about the regional multicolor culture the by chatting with residents who are eager to show you how wonderful their tradition is.

In the downtown, there are still a lot of nice place waiting for you to discover such as: Chapa Café, Delta bar, Royal Bar and discotheque, The Valley View Bar…

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