Sapa’s one-meter Panax pseudoginseng worth US$9000!!!


Panax pseudoginseng is a species of the genus Panax. Common names include Pseudoginseng, Nepal ginseng, and Himalayan ginseng. Pseudoginseng belongs to the same scientific genus as ginseng.

1. This medicine’s background

In Latin, the word Panax means “cure-all”, and the family of ginseng plants is one of the best-known herbs. Panax pseudoginseng is not an adaptogen like the better known Panax species, but it is famous as a hemostatic herb that both invigorates and builds blood.
Two hundred million vnd for the one-meter tam that (Panax pseudoginseng)!

A number of tubers including one-meter gingsen have been purchased by a rich man in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) for nearly 200 million for medicine of late.
Tran The Cuong – Ha Giang Hygienic Joint Stock Company, said that recently he bought 3 wild roots of a peasant on Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang). It is worth noting that the three are extremely long. The longest one up to 1.02 meters, weighs nearly 1kg. The others are 91cm and 82 cm in length respectively.

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“With many years of experience, I have encountered many kinds items of this plant, but this trio can be considered as the longest ones known in Vietnam,”

He told us that after being informed about this group of three potent roots, he hurriedly went and bought in that very day. It’s the wild yellow-cored trunk kind (the best quality of all); In particular, counting the rings, he estimated they are over 50 years old.

The lucky digger added more: “All of them were located in one place. However, to avoid being broken, I must spend half a day to get them off the ground.”

After Cuong bought and brought the trio home, a rich man in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) offed the price of 180 million for medicinal purpose, he disclosed.


Also from his words, there are many types in markets, but traders usually classify them into two types of wild and home-grown ones. The latter have prices ranging from 2-3 million per kg depending on size.
At present, the lifelong roots are extremely rare. Accordingly, they are usually sold per root, not by weight.
As before, he sold a 30-year-old three-year-old forest veneer weighing 1 kilogram at a price of 20 million for a great house in Hanoi. Song, this tuberculosis is only big, not long. Or as late as 2016, he also bought a trumpet with a terrible length of up to 96cm, retained to soak the wine rather than sell.
According to Cuong, three wildernesses are divided into three types: the first type is in the white intestine, the second type in the yellow intestine and the third type is in the violet color slightly like taro. Highlights of the wild tamarind when eating trial will feel slightly itchy in the throat.

2. More facts about this incredible root


In Oriental medicine, this plant is regarded as a precious medicine equivalent to ginseng such as bittersweet taste, tempering, stasis effects, bleeding, swelling and pain relief. This is a great drug for women, especially in childbirth. It has effects such as tonic, increases resistance, immune regulation; mental stimulation, anti-depression; protect the heart against the disorder; bleeding, blood loss, swelling; reduce tumor mass, …

Veneers can be used in the form of powder, sliced, chewed, or ground with drinking water or cooked in the case of anemia, asthenia, postpartum women.

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