Sau chit – Sapa and northwestern area of Vietnam’s specialty



Brihaspa atrostigmella or sau chit living inside the chit – the winter tree which grows wild in the north-western area of Vietnam. Nobody knows how and from when this young insect has become a specialty of this land.

The yellow chrysalis is about 35mm long, they parasitize the chit trunk in winter and gnaw at it. Northwesterners often start to glean chit between November and December each year ( they arealso available in other seasons but smaller.)


Deep-fried chit is a delicious and attractive dish. Just like fried egg, this dish presents a very attractive yellow color. It is fatty and very fragrant, so it is difficult for anyone to skip this chow. This eat’s process of cooking is so simple that everyone can do it at home without much effort.

Chit worm with bamboo shoots

This is the “forte” dish of the upland ethnic people. It is used to treat only special guests visiting home. The bamboo shoots taken from the forest are stir-fried with chit worm, these two precious products of the highland mountain blend into one dish of sui generis flavor. Locals can ingeniously cook either dry or fresh baby bamboo and turn them into fragrant succulent eats.

Grilled stream fish – a real taste of place in Sapa

Worms with crispy roasted onions, garlic, lemon leaves

This dish is also commonly known because no locals do not know how to make this cinch. Onion and garlic are so fragrant already, this will be way better with a little more sauce.

Fried tofu and stuffed with pork

Amazing dishes of Sapa’s unique cuisine
This is a very novel, for not everyone knows how to process but not too difficult. Just stuff the minced meat and chit worm in tofu chunks and fry it up to have a great viand to enjoy. Deep chit: Steep chute is often used in deep chit in the chit and then steamed up when eating the hand to slightly separate the chit. This dish is usually enjoyed by gentlemen because it is suitable for having “a little too much”. Biting one crispy tofu chunk stuffed with chit and minced pork and having a sip of tao meo wine in the cold of winter of Sapa, you will feel lost in the middle of the overcast land…

But the most common use of chit is to make wine. This sui generis wine is believed to help strengthen men’s health. But few know that if used in the right amount, this wine also helps women stay healthy by strengthening the circulatory system and beautifying the skin.

For a long time, the Kinh people living in Sapa town often has bought the bushes of the ethnic minority people in the uplands to get the worm and make the fragrant wine. Fresh sau chit can be sold at prices ranging from a few hundred thousand to several million vnd a pound depending on the quality. A bottle of Sapa specialty wine is often brewed following in a ratio of about 650ml of rice wine with about 50 worms. After brewing for 15 days, the wine begins to turn yellowish, at this point they become usable. Travelers visiting Sa Pa can buy chit worm at stalls in the market or along the roads of the town with not too high prices.


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