Silver waterfall, the fierce side of Sapa

Silver waterfall, the fierce side of Sapa 6

The charm of Sapa is not only in the fresh air, the slow life style but the wonderful landscape. If you making a tour in this city of the cloud you involve yourself in a ultimate journey which broaden your mind with many stunning spots from cascading rice fields to breathtaking mountains and of course splendid waterfall, Silver Waterfall, the magnetic beauty of the Sapa highland.

Silver waterfall, the fierce side of Sapa 1

Located about 12 km from the town, Silver waterfall arrive on top many must-check destination with its unique charm. Just about 30 minutes by motorbike or bus, tourist can get one of the most gorgeous falls of the region or even the nationwide. In fact, the waterfall site right next to the 40D highway so it’s very convenient for anyone come to admire such an art of nature and enjoy the feelings of discover a hidden beauty in the dense forest.

Silver waterfall, the fierce side of Sapa 2

On the way leading to the Silver waterfall, tourists will be impressed by one after another stunning view with the pine forest, the vast chayote garden on the hillside, the super green young field… it’s not exaggeration to say that the nature will leave you no time to rest but keep startling the its limitless charm which make you forget the long road.

Silver waterfall, the fierce side of Sapa 3

At the altitude of 200 meters, “Thac Bac” is the head of the most famous stream of the whole region, Muong Hoa floating at the foot of O Quy Ho pass. By standing on Ham Rong Mount in Sapa town, tourist can see the white falls lightly lying on the green mountain as a giant piece of silk which remind you to the land in the fairy tale.

Silver waterfall, the fierce side of Sapa 4

But when you are eager to take a look closer, this falls will get you excited by its wild beauty. Just about several km near to the Silver Waterfall, people can easily hear the waterfall sounds, bird songs and running water… By walking slowly and taking a deep breath of fresh air, you can feel the breath of the nature covering yourself.

Silver waterfall, the fierce side of Sapa 5

And in the moment when you reach your destination, you will properly feel adrenaline running in your vain because of exciting feeling. In sunny day, it’s easy to see the water fiercely fall down from such a high altitude to the stone and finally to explode into millions of cool water spay and mist.  Unlike many waterfall in Da Lat or Highlands, “Thac Bac” silently hide at the end of the path but still attractive.

Silver waterfall, the fierce side of Sapa 6

As a matter of fact, Silver Waterfall is well-known as the trendy destination in the summer. Because nothing is more satisfying than the experience of immerse yourself in the fresh water while enjoying the incredible surrounding. It make you feel one step closer to the nature and in that way you already received the best retreat of the Mother Nature.

Silver waterfall, the fierce side of Sapa 7

Furthermore, to brilliantly end your visit, it’s interesting to drop by one of the salmon research institute at the slop leading to Silver Waterfall. On one hand you visit inside and learn more about fish farming, on the hand, you definitely don’t want to miss a feast of freshness with many fish specialties such as sashimi, hot pot, salad or curry… which will give energy to continue you ultimate journey to the O Quy Ho Pass, then the queen of mountain in Vietnam – Fansipan.



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