Talking about visiting a village in Sapa, in no doubt no one know about Sin Chai village which is overshadowed by the famous Cat Cat and Ta Phin village. But life is full of surprise and this small village too where the beauty hidden inside the simple.

Located just 4km from the Sapa town, Sin Chai is really a wonderful destination. Unlike many ethnic villages such as Cat Cat, Muong Hoa… Sin Chai remain the authentic beauty intact by the tourism.


From the very first moment you can immediately tell the differences between Sin Chai and others. It’s absolutely not about the beautiful scenery, isn’t it? But about literally the village itself. No sign of the non-smoke industry, no vendor, no stalls, no “zombie” annoying you with “buy from me! buy from me!”…  But honestly you will fall for that simple beauty.

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To anyone who eager to learn about the colorful culture of Black Hmong people, Sin Chai will be a great place to help satisfying your curious mind. Just like many minority villages in the mountainous land of northwestern Vietnam, farming is the main activity in this lovely village. Therefore, tourist still have a chance to admire the scenery cascading rice field in golden contrary to the fresh green of many layers of young corn on the high hill.


Especially, don’t forget to try homestay in Sin Chai village because it’s the best way for you to discover, to experience and to enjoy many wonderful things that you can’t find once leaving there. Don’t let the appearance blind your eyes, the house may be far from perfect for you but you will never know the incredible things you can experience there.


Their house don’t have any special architectural features at all, but just look at many little wooden house standing peacefully in the middle of the nature you can’t help but admire. The moment when you get up in the morning at look at the picturesque scenery through the window, the fact that we have to pay a lot of money for an apartment or a view overlooking a beautiful view will make you find ourselves ridiculous. Amazing view and bird songs and warm sunlight and fresh air… you can tell that’s such a great way the nature say ‘good morning’ to you.


A walk around the village will lead you to a discovery toward the contrary world to your world, nor technologies neither electronics devices, such a dream land for escaping from the hustling bustling life. Or we can say that this little village resemble to the sleeping beauty who ignore the changes non-stop of the modern world. the closer you get inside the village the more you will be impressed by their living style, so simple and so rustic just like the way people describe about it, a life in harmony with nature.

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You guess what? One of the most problem tourist curious about Sin Chai village, specifically the residents, is their excellent health, especially of the elderly. May be because of the gene or probably the environment… No one knows. As a matter of fact, when people are tired of the problem about food, about air pollution, about traffic accidents, they immerse themselves in the protection and the love of the mother of nature, a reward for their way of living close to the nature…


Sin Chai is somehow a great example for what people always say “you don’t need to be rich to be happy”. So a visit in this place is interesting so far from what you can imagine. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and you will see.

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