Tam that buds – Sapa’s flower with great use


The Northwest is not only famous for its beautiful scenery, delicious unique dishes of ethnic groups but also many precious herbs including the tam that ( panax pseudogingsen) buds.

Basic information

tam-that-buds-3Northwest highlands around the year covered in cloudy, fiercely cold-to-our-bone-winter. It is supposed that people and other creatures will hardly survive the extreme climate. Strangely, the Northwestern people are still living in harmony with nature and incredibly make the most of it.

Northwesterners are attached to the upland fields, so along with paddy fields and corn fields, tam that plants are carefully grown. The dear shrubs absorb all the quintessence of upland’s nutrients and the mighty sun to bring to life the so-called Sapa’s “elixir”.

Long ago, people in the Northwest considered this flower as a treasured medicine. Thanks to the curing properties, this flower is outstanding among other myriad florets. Almost every family preserves a number of this herb for future use. Therefore, the Northwesters are always healthy and insusceptible to ailments.

Once coming here, apart from delicious tea, you also have the opportunity to enjoy tam that tea bud. In the cold of the highlands, a steamy cup of this plant’s tea absolutely warms tourists’ souls. Bitter at first sip, but it has an unforgettable sweet aftertaste.

This flower’s properties

tam-that-buds-2Talking about the use of this flower buds, we may first mention to the excellent effect in the treatment of insomnia. After a stressful working day, our body is in dire need to rest and recover both physically and mentally, and sleep is just the ticket. But if you suffer from insomnia, it will not only make your body fatigue, but it can also lead to many diseases such as dementia, psychological disorders, blood pressure disorders, clogged veins, or diabetes.

Using this flower buds only after a short period of time really does wonders. Not only that, the flower buds have many other uses to help us have an unimpaired body.

Flower buds are very good for cancer patients, people with high blood pressure, hearing loss, people with acute pharyngitis, fatty liver thanks to its body cleansing prowess. Specifically, the buds can be used for postpartum women because its main components are ginseng active substances ( Rb1, Rb2) which aids in health recovery and lactation promoting. This is the perfect kick for women with low breastfeeding milk.

Raw version

tam-that-buds-1If you are lucky enough, you can be served the out-of-this-world eats processed from raw buds. They run the gamut from stir-fried with beef, cooked with minced pork to teamed with pig’s heart. Flower buds are benign and versatile, so they can be used for many ages including the elderly or children without worrying about side effects.

However, to buy fresh flowers is not plain sailing. Raw ones are usually dried and packed. Dry flower buds are easier to store with the quality almost stays intact.

If the tubers are used to make wine, the easiest way to process the flower buds is to make tea on a daily basis. Flower buds are quite small without stalks so they’re easy to “unwantedly traverse” through the pot’s spout. To overcome this problem, we just need to use filter net or tea bag.

Every day we should use about 2 – 3g of this buds to brew tea and drink every day is highly recommended.

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