Some Tay ethnic group cultural features in Sapa

Some Tay ethnic group cultural features in Sapa
Tay people's culture enriches Sapa's intersting things

The Tay people are the third largest population in Sapa. This ethnic group contributes to attracting visitors to Sapa by its distinguished cultural features.

The brief history of Tay ethnic group

Presenting in Vietnam very early, probably from the end of the first millennium BC, this ethnic group is one of the ethnic groups of the Tay-Thai group. In Sa Pa, they live in the southern communes of Ho Ban, Nam Sai, and Thanh Phu, which are flat valley areas and have many rivers and streams.Therefore it is convenient for fishing and farming.

Some Tay ethnic group cultural features in Sapa
Tay people’s special festival in Sapa

The cultural features of the Tay are not only displayed in the village, the singing verses, singing wallets, but also in the culinary culture. And five colors sticky rice is a characteristic product of Sapa cuisine.  This kind of sticky rice is made by five different types of sticky rice with five different colors. The five colors represent the five elements: yellow is the color of the wood, the green is the color of the wood, red is the color of the fire, the white is for the needle, the black is for the water. Through experience mixing from the folks to the past five colors, in addition to the delicious taste, fatty, attractive by the color, nature of the leaves of forest trees, also has the effect of treating intestinal diseases and improve the health.

Distinctive points of Tay people

Some Tay ethnic group cultural features in Sapa
These ladies in black are so charming

Besides, the tourists will have chances to enjoy the others with the locals at their houses. Unlike other ethnic groups, the Tay traditional costume is simply a single color that is indigo black. Both men and women wear a round neck shirt with two front pockets, a four-breasted waist, and a waist-high waistband.

The costumes on the festival holidays are more sophisticated than the long dress with armpits to the five bodies are pressed bronze or shoulder.Tay women are often square diagonal fold towel look almost like the scarf of the Kinh. Today to travel to Sapa tourism tourists can catch the Tay people who have the same clothing as the only Kinh headscarf is not changed.

Tay people’s festive activity

Some Tay ethnic group cultural features in Sapa
People here have the huge soft spots for music and folk art in general

One of the factors that attracts plenty of tourists coming to Sapa is the festival. In January, visitors can take part in these of the Tay people in Ta Van village, such as the Long Tong festival, this held to pray for the goddess of rice. Farmers, houses, gardens, cattle in the village to help bumper harvests, green trees, healthy cattle, and so on. Especially, when coming to Ban Ho on January 6, visitors will be able to enjoy singing songs or interesting tunes of the Tay people in the choir festival or to Thanh Phu commune center on the 4th of January. Participation in the festival of the Tay is very interesting.

Furthermore, if you come to Sapa, Lao Cai in the early spring, the 8th day of the year, you will be attending a very special and colorful festival of the Tay and Dao ethnicity here, it is the ceremony Assembly down. This is the traditional festival in Sapa that attracts the most international and foreign tourists.


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