The Hill Station Signature Restaurant in Sapa

The Hill Station in Sapa

The Hill Station’s first restaurant is The Hill Station Deli & Boutique, opened in early 2001 to link the French heritage of Sapa as a colonial hill station with the area’s ethnic culture and produce. Now besides the Deli & Boutique, we have the Signature Restaurant where tourists can have an experience authentic ethnic food in Sapa.

The true flavors of ethnic cuisine

The Hill Station in SapaThe restaurant provides authentic experience through unique local cuisine which represents in a clean comfortable way. The traditional cuisine of ethnic groups is simple dishes with clear flavor and special taste combinations. The ingredients used here is sourced locally from the farm, that’s why we call these food “from farm to table” dishes.

For meat lovers, because of the tradition of slaughtering of the whole animal at festive gatherings, people in Sapa have the concept of nose to tail eating. For vegetarians, there are also amazing seasonal vegetables with traditional style.

The menu of The Hill Station Signature Restaurant is innovative and awesome. It is divided into five main sections: local snacks, farm and market menu, Sapa village menu, rainbow trout menu and dessert. Among them all, smoked buffalo, black pudding, chicken & ginger, spring rolls, double tofu and sweet potato are highly recommended by the visitors.

The Hill Station in SapaThe list of drink is also wide enough for a variety of choices. We have four main sections of the list: signature herb & spice cocktails, sangria, beer and wine selection. In wine selection we have eclectic and complex Gloral wines, elegant and intense American whites, refresh and layered French whites. Among all, craft beer and corn wine are often recommended.

Some dishes need slow cooked so visitors have to wait a little bit longer and some people think that the price is quite high. However; this unique amazing food experience is a great value for money and waiting.

Excellent setting, view, and services at The Hill Station Signature Restaurant

The Hill Station in SapaThe setting is combined some Danish design touches with the local sensibility which is cozy and contemporary. It’s not crowded and calm place, the atmosphere is unique and inviting with smooth music in the background. This restaurant has an awesome mountain scenic view, tourists can view the town, fantastic valley and mountains. Wifi and parking are free, private room is also provided. The quick services and friendly staff are also good points for this signature restaurant.

Special cooking classes are provided

The Hill Station in SapaAttendants can learn the cuisine of the Black H’Mong ethnic groups. The dishes to be taught are smoked buffalo with pickled vegetables, chicken with wild ginger, traditional H’mong style black pudding, and so on. These classes are conducted by an English speaking H’Mong chef. They also include a 30-minute tour to the local market. You can enjoy the food after the class and have a full-tasking set of local wine. With the price 29$/person, you should not miss the chance to sample the century-old cooking methods of Sapa.

The Hill Station in SapaBefore visiting the restaurant, contact to book classes with inquiry or request for detailed information so they can work out unique experience based on your needs and wishes. Reservation in advance is highly recommended.

Address: 037 Fansipan Street, Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam


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