The most wonderful season in Sapa

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Sapa is at an altitude of 1,500 meters. Located in northern Vietnam, Sapa has the humid tropical climate. This is a rare place in Vietnam having enough four distinct seasons. Visitors are often overwhelmed by the magnificent majestic beauty of Sapa. Therefore, many wonder how Sapa’s beauty changes or what is the most beautiful season in Sapa? Let’s explore the beauty of Sapa through all seasons.

A poetic beauty of flower blossom when it is spring season in Sapa

Tam giac mach – an iconic floret of Sapa

From February to April, Sapa is under true spring. The weather at this time is favorable and ideal for a lot of activities. The temperature is about 15-18 degrees Celsius. With clouds and fog, Sapa in spring will make you feel like you’re lost in the world of fairy tales.

In this time, Sapa is called the kingdom of flowers. Many plants bloom vigorously in this phase. You can see a colorful valley which is covered by a variety of flowers. You will be excited about the pink and red color of cherry trees or pure white of plum blossom, and so on.

Spring is also the season of festivals in Sapa.  Coming here at that time, you can take part in unique local festivals. These gatherings of ethnic groups provide you the unforgettable experiences.

Sapa in summer – A green place to escape the heat

The greenish footage of Sapa really stoles up our wanderlust

In summer, rice grows and the terrace fields look lushly green. Summer season in Sapa has a cool climate in the daytime and chill temperature at night. In the early morning, wisps of clouds are leisurely floating in the sky. In the summer, Sapa often has a lot of sudden light rains but the sun will dry up everything right after the very rain.

Not lack of tourists solidly stares at the magical scenery when each bank of fog wander down from the mountain peak. Does only springtime have flowers? No!  summer has too. Coming to Sapa at this time, you can go to Ham Rong Mountain to see the flowers. Reaching Cat Cat village to watch the terraced fields is also not a bad choice. Silver Waterfall and Love Waterfall are super duper.

Sapa in Autumn- The golden season

Golden season in Sapa is so attractive

Visitors are amazed by the most spectacular vision as the green fields turn golden right before the rice is harvested. Having a trip to Sapa in the autumn, you will get the opportunity to admire the image of the golden ripe terraced rice enjoy the fresh air and the cool temperatures of the autumn, and immerse themselves in the romantic atmosphere of the countryside. The amazing setting of Sapa’s autumn is a unique mixture of artificial and natural allurement.

Sapa in Winter- A mysterious beauty

Sapa in white snow and freaking cold

In the winter, The mist looms in the rows of pine along the road, on the terraced rice fields and even on the mountain peaks. The houses and Sapa resorts appear and disappear in mist, which creates a fanciful scenery. Besides the mist, white color of snow covering everywhere in Sapa. With mountains covered with snow, the town of Sapa becoming fanciful and splendid as a fairy tales. When traveling Sapa winter feeling that enjoys the first touch the snow, play games on the snow, … everything you only can try when traveling abroad is included.

With such charming scenery in Sapa during four seasons, it is no doubt that Sapa is real heaven. Sapa is really an attractive destination in every season throughout the year.

After reading this post, I am sure that you have your own pick for the query “What is the best season in Sapa?”



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