Top things to do in Sapa – Where to stay, what to eat and more

Cat Cat village - The most beautiful village 16
Come here and you will witness the pure beauty from children's smiles

Being one of the most popular tourist attraction in Viet Nam, Sapa offers a wide range choice of options for visitors coming here. Here are things to do in Sapa for you to consider.

  1. Homestay in Sapa – Homestay in Sapa is a good choice for tourists

Top things to do in Sapa - Where to stay, what to eat and more
Homestay is cheap and staff there are very friendly

This is one of the best ways to profoundly explore and experience the unique culture of locals in Sapa. Through a homestay booked and arranged upon arrival, you will have a chance to stay with a local family, live and have a day passing by alongside them, learn and feel the very different lifestyle in the rural. But this is not a recommendation for everyone especially who expecting modern conditions—there are private rooms, flush toilets, and mosquito-netted beds in basic tidy homes.

Families offering homestay must pass the strictly tested standard of the government and have a session of food training to offer comfortable, hygienic lodging. Vietnamese families are exceptionally friendly and just as curious about visitors’ lives as visitors are of theirs, so you will have a great experience if you give yourself a try to stay overnight here.

  1. Trekking – A trek through the surrounding rice fields

Top things to do in Sapa - Where to stay, what to eat and more
Trekking along paddy fields is a very interesting experience

For people love trekking, getting to Sapa open for you several choices of trekking routes from easy to hard level to give a try. Treks can be organized from half a day to a couple of days, depends on your budget and how hard you want to try. You can choose to spend a few hours trekking through tribal villages along the mountainsides such as Cat Cat or Ta Phin, Ta Van Village or even have a one-day trekking trip to Lao Chai, Ta Van, Giang Ta Chai, Ban Ho and the Silver Waterfall or three days conquering Fansipan Peak- “The roof of Indochina” with the height of 3143m. This contributes to one of the best things to do in Sapa.

  1. Trying street food- On top of things to do in Sapa

Top things to do in Sapa - Where to stay, what to eat and more
Street foods – Grilled skewers are highly valued for their flavorsome and freshness

For the food lovers, Sapa won’t let you down for sure. Beside the Traditional and popular Vietnamese and Western food served in the hotel in town, tourists can find great locals food especially street food along every street and inside any market in Sapa. In the cool weather of Sapa, nothing will be more appreciated than having a stick of grilled chicken, pork, fish, mushroom, and vegetable. Tourist can also find many specialties of Sapa such as “Thang co”, five color sticky rice, local wine, and so on.

  1. Bathing with herbs – Herbal bath of Red Dao people in Sapa

Top things to do in Sapa - Where to stay, what to eat and more
Immerse yourself in this solution and you will smell the aromatic fragrance of herbs

Made from longstanding kinds of herbs in Sapa, this service of Red Dao people is a must-do with tourists coming to Sapa. The herbal bath can help customers, with essential oil of local herbs, reduce negative effects of alcohol in the body, musculoskeletal pain, rheumatism and improve their health. Moreover, Sapa herbs can also be served as a simple natural treatment for skin diseases such as ulcer, acne and psoriasis.

For postpartum mothers, the herbal bath can help customers boost blood circulation and improve skin conditions. Normally, Dao women use herbal bath one week after giving birth, which recovers their health status and lets them work on farm short after that without any side effects or reproductive system diseases. Those are things to do in Sapa which shouldn’t be missed if you have decided to pay a visit to Sapa or go on a Sapa tour.


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