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No matter when you go or whoever you go with, Sapa always deserves a top place in your list to check-in at least once in your life. Not only does it have cold weather and imposingly natural scenary but also a lot of beautiful and attractive coffee shops in Sapa have cute view. It is the reason why Sapa becomes special with tourists from everywhere.

  1. Gem Valley 

Whenever mentioning about the most beautiful coffee shops in Sapa, Gem Valley is always favored to be mentioned first. It is the destination of both native and foreign tourists. Far from the central of Sapa about 3 kilometers and at the head of Cat Cat Village, tourists can easily find a picturesque house with the name “Gem Valley Sapa”.

It looks exactly like a place in heaven

It is the most beautiful coffee shop in Sapa, which the foreign tourists compliment on its beauty as a “Dream House”. In the early morning, you will get a lot of wind when sitting in the balcony and observing the green color of forested mountains.

The outside view of the shop is decorated with a flower trellis covering everywhere. Inside the shop, the color from old bricks and wood makes Gem Valley be plain, warm and very mountainous. Also, there are some paintings of a Ha Noi painter for tourists to enjoy and discover the hidden stories from them. In the balcony, they put a range of lovely wooden tables for sitting with a cup of coffee and viewing all the rice field-valleys of Cat Cat Village. Viewing further, you can see the top of Fansipan Moutain.

  1. Viet Emotion Sapa

Incredible mountain view

Locating on Cau May Street, which is well-known with a lot of coffee shops, it is not difficult for tourists to realize Viet Emotion. This coffe shop is decorated with a large number of cute potted plants and flower baskets hanged on the green wall. Going deeper to the shop, the first feeling you can get is the warmth because of warm colors from its decoration. The especial point which creates difference with other coffee shops is a lot of colorful lanterns around the shop. For those who are romantic persons, this is an ideal place for them to go.

  1. The Haven Sapa Camp Site – The prominent among coffee shops in Sapa

Far from Sapa Town about 1.5 kilometers, The Haven lies on the road leading to Cat Cat Village. It is very convenient if you want to walk to the central of town. The atmosphere is extremely pure and close to nature. Therefore, it is hopeful to bring to tourists a lot of experiences about an exciting Sapa.

Because it is on Vong Canh Hill, you can observe all the beautiful views of Sapa. Especially, from every corner of The Haven, you can take a lot of styled photos with your friends. In the evening, you can see the cloud and moon sparkling brilliantly in the sky.

Cozy little coffee shop

Sipping a cup of coffee and seeing universe in a peaceful morning in Sapa, reading an interesting book in the gentle sunlight in the winter, feeling the caress of the breeze on your face. All of them will give you some unforgetable experiences in your life. Therefore, going to Sapa to enjoy a festival without the anarchy from your city and your daily life.

This pic shows show a perfect coffee shop looks like

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