Tips for Sapa trekking

Sapa trekking tips

If you’re going to Northern Vietnam and you are fancy for trekking, Sapa is the place you shouldn’t miss. This place is one of the most beautiful regions of Northern Vietnam with the rice terraces stretching underneath the majestic mountains ranges in the foothills of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range– the highest mountain of Vietnam. Here are some tips for Sapa trekking as follows:

Tip 1. Know about Sapa

Sapa trekking tips Sapa is situated at the height of 1600m so it has mild weather. Summer is the rainy season but it is also the ideal time to go and get the best view of nature. Sapa’s topography is mostly slopes and trails. In winter, it is dry and easy to walk while summer comes with slippery. There are many trekking routes in Sapa so you should ask the guide which route is suitable for you.

Tip 2. Hire a guide

Sapa trekking tips The easy route or the harder route varies in Sapa and you may want to make it on your own but to minimize the risk and maximize the experience, a good guide is what you really need. If you want to spend a few days experiencing the hillside and the local life around, I would recommend hiring a local guide who is familiar with the route, know much about the weather and the sightseeing spot. Most of the guides are local and they speak English quite well, so don’t worry when you book a trekking guide.

Tip 3. Light packing

Sapa trekking tips Don’t bring the unnecessary things such as towels and bedding. The accommodations are usually arranged in advanced by the tour guide in some guesthouse in the campsite. You will sleep comfortably in the simple bedsheet with a mosquito net above and that’s all you need. Only bring what you deem definitely necessary. Remember, you may feel your bag light in your room when you first try it out, but it’ll get heavier as the day progresses and you hike through the jungle.

Tip 4. Wear sturdy shoes

Sapa trekking tips You will have to scramble up the mountain on all fours, hop across ditches, get through a bamboo forest. It was demanding and you’ll want good footwear. A pair of running shoes will make a good deal with this hike. Hiking boots might be something to consider if you’re planning something longer than a 2-day trek, like conquering the Mount Fansipan.

There are lots of shops in Sapa where you can rent or buy trekking gears. If you’re traveling around somewhere prior to your visit to Sapa and you don’t like carrying lots of hiking tools, just know that those things can be found in the Sapa town at the affordable price.

Tip 5. Bring snacks, a lot of them

Sapa trekking tips There will be the stop spot for lunch and dinner, but you can’t decide the exact time to rest. Not until you get to the next resting point such as villages, camping site can you have a complete meal so in case you are too tired, bring some snacks and save yourself from suffering the hunger.

Tip 6. Bring double the water you think you’ll need

Sapa trekking tips Actually just bring more than you think you need. You will get thirsty and It will be a horrible feeling when realizing you don’t have any water remain and you have a couple of hours ahead waiting for you. There are some stands selling water as we got closer to the towns, so you will not be dying of thirst, but sometimes it will be a long way to the water selling stands and you don’t even know how long does it take to get to it.

Tip 7. And finally, do not forget your camera

Sapa trekking tips The landscape of Sapa and the surrounding region is stunningly majestic so you’ll want to make sure you bring along your camera and that the battery is fully charged. Photographs taken at some best sightseeing spot in your Sapa trekking tour will certainly be the best memory of your Sapa trip.

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