Ta Van Giay ethnic group in Sapa 1
Sapa is located in the northwest of Viet Nam with imposing mountains. Many people from ethnic groups with separated cultures inhabited in here. Insides, cultural specificities of Ta Van Giay ethnic group is very outstanding. Let’s explore the uniqueness of the village.The long-standing origin of cultural specificities of Ta van Giay ethnic group The Ta Van Giay village is located...
Cap Sac Festival in Sapa
On 18th February, authorities of Sa Pa district (Lao Cai province) held a festival to act out the “Cap Sac” festival of the Dao Do ethnic in Can Ho village, Ban Khoang commune.The “Cap Sac” festival -  the National Intangible Cultural Heritage The festival is a unique traditional preserved centuries-old in the Dao Do community. The festival expresses the aspirations...
The cultural beauty of Sapa has always been the topic that attracts journalists and experts. In addition, it has left a memorable impression in the hearts of tourists. It is impossible to forget introducing a very special festival of an ethnic minority in Sapa the “Trau Sun” Festival.The “Trau Sun” Festival the cultural uniqueness of the Dao Do ethnic...
Blanket quilt festival in Sapa
Sapa has many unique festivals of ethnic minority groups. The Ha Nhi blanketing quilt festival is a special festival that only exists in here. The festival is held in July every lunar year. We also learn about the festival.The “blanketing quilt” festival-the festival for true love The girls of Ha Nhi ethnic group In the marital relationship, the Ha Nhi inhabitants...
The land of flowers (Part 2) 8
Unlike most places in Vietnam, Sapa has 4 distinct seasons because it has characterized subtropical and temperate. Each season comes, Sapa changes its totally different costume representing its beauty in four seasons. Spring – the most beautiful time of SapaIt is the most beautiful season of Sapa. Spring in Sapa lasts from February to April.  The temperature in this...
Shopping in Sapa
Sapa has been considered as one of the biggest shopping areas in the mountainous area of Vietnam. Then there is no reason why you miss the chance to enjoy shopping in Sapa.Prepare well your money before shopping in Sapa If you stay at large hotels in Sapa, it’s easy for you to use services such as money exchanging, getting travelers’...
When referring to heaven gates, tourists often think about Ha Giang province where is famous for the Quan Ba heaven gate. However, a few of them know that there is another Heaven Gate in Sapa. This is the highest peak of the road in Vietnam where visitors can see the peak Phan Xi Pang - the roof of Indochina.A...
Muong Hum Market in Sapa
The Bac Ha market has long been known as one of the special markets with full of cultural specificities of inhabitants of the H’ Mong ethnic group. The market of Bac Ha with wild and attractive beauties in the North West  At the Bac Ha Market, visitors can buy and sell local products including garments, fabrics, tools, jewelry, vegetables and fruits,...
Hang Tien Cave in Sapa
The Hang Tien Cave is one of the famous scenes of Sapa. It owns a wild beauty with many beautiful and fancy stone blocks, which creates excitement for tourists traveling Sapa.Exploring the Hang Tien Cave A Sapa tour lasting 3 days 4 nights -visit the white highlands with hills of Sapa plum and peach flowers. In addition, the colorful and...
Spiritual tourism, nowadays, has become a trend that visitors are interested in, which is clearly proved by the number of tourists registered Sapa - Ho Chi Minh City tours every year. The temple is one of the most sacred of worship in Sapa. With an extremely favorable location, the temple is located in the heart of the town, so...




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