Two tasty and reputable hot rice cake shops in Hanoi


Rice cake – bánh đúc is an originally common dish of the ancient Vietnamese. There are not so many hot rice cake shops in Hanoi nowadays. Most of the stores, however, still opening now has been well-known in Ha Thanh cuisine and always crowded.

These food stalls convey a tinge of the good old days

Traditional hot-rice cake shops have kept the stable price till now.

Hot rice cake – banh duc in Hanoi

Deeply located in the alley just up of Le Ngoc Han Street, this shop requires customers to leave their transports then walk for 30 meters to access. This 30-year-old rice cake shop has been chosen by a great number of gastronomers in Hanoi capital.

An adequate bowl of hot-cooked rice cake usually have stiff-soft rice cake made from rice flour. It is stuffed with the mixture of stir-fried pork and crispy mushroom. Besides, the dish is garnished with fragrant herbs.

Unlike many other places, the most special point of this shop is the additional fried tofu on top. Beans are only fried in oil pan until they’re crispy and distensible enough to be picked up. The combination of the retentive feeling of the soft inside and crispy on the outside is very nice.

Other interesting things about these rice cake shops in Hanoi

You will be knocked down once tasting this snack

Another point that makes the brand name is the bland-sweet broth soup with light yellow hue. It’s taste is amazingly moderate taste rather than overly fatty. The cakes here are also thick without broken or washy when scooping.

“Bánh đúc” of the shop is still in the original price of 15 thousand vnd / bowl until now in spite of the price escalation. This charge is very reasonable compared with other snacks of Hanoi. It is also the attraction for the diners to stick with this traditional dish.

Millet dry pancake – Hanoi’s snacks

Millet dry pancake in Hanoi

Simple dishes contain a culture and attached to the childhood of many generations, grown up in the ancient streets of Hanoi.

Bicycles carrying millet dry pancake go through every single alleyway day and night with the familiar cry outs. These voices have been imprinting into the subconscious of many generations born and raised in Hanoi. Sellers do not need many tools. The bag of crispy-dry pancake dangly and neatly hung at the front of the bike. The pot was tightly wired at the back.  The green beans plastic container is added cleverly. With that setup, they can conquer near and far of Vietnam’s capital.

Millet dry pancake is now no longer priced 2,000 – 3,000 for one piece as many years ago. It slightly raised but the taste remains intact. Millets are cooked until turning yellow and spread on a piece of baked pancake. After that,  vendors leisurely scatter little green beans with a thin layer of sugar on the top. Finally, they fold up the cake.

Biting a piece of cake; the taste of greasy millet, the nutty green beans as well as a little sweet of sugar making the awesome combination melted in the mouth. It’s the most delicious when it has just been done. After 10 minutes, the cake will become extremely tough and almost unedible.

Millet dry pancake in the status quo
This yellowish sweet is the cake filler

Today, not only is the snack food stall growing up more and more comfortable, more luxurious, but also the cakes are more tasty and attractive than what they’re. These women, who are making their living from this work, are no longer seen as much as before. If encountering a millet-dry-pancake hawker on the street, however, dinners absolutely buy at least one. The taste of the millet is sometimes derived not only from the taste of simple ingredients, but also the vivid childhood in their mind.

5 pyramidal rice dumpling shops must be tried in Hanoi

Thuy Khe pyramidal rice dumpling
Pyramid rice dumplings in Hanoi
If you are curious to know the biggest cake in Hanoi, it is probably the pyramidal rice dumpling on this Thuy Khue street. The so-called enormous cake that it is about twice as big as others in the capital.

Despite the big size, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg: only 12,000 vnd a cake, full capacity including sausages will be 25 thousand dong is quite reasonable, not too expensive. It’s crust is not plastic, tough but soft and quite thick. This is probably the reason that makes the cake look bigger than normal ones.

This nutritious eat is very cheap!

The stuffing, which is made of minced meat and fungus, is also skillfully made and put much inside. In addition, you can order additional sausages, even ice tea or soy milk, which is served by the staff, will make you full.

Young rice hot cake is an indispensable part of Hanoians’ childhood

Vong Village – Lang Vong hot rice cake

Somehow, when I was given a young rice cake in a green box, I used to be eager as I was the main character in the Hanoi celebration.

Young rice cake is often an indispensable gift in the engagement ceremony. Besides betel and areca, medicinal wine, fruit … the bridegroom family must bring hundreds of young rice cakes and “xu xue” cake to the bride’s family. The red of the “xu xue” cake is the harmonious combination with the blue hue of the young rice cake, as the predestination of the two hundred years of love.

“Vong” village (known as Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay District nowadays) is famous for fresh green rice, but Hang Than must be recalled first once mentioning green rice cake, which is produced right on the slopes of Hang Than (Hoan Kien Dist.)

The immature grains are stir-fried with sugar

Raw rice stir-fried with sugar in a large pan in order to have the mixture of rice and sugar. Green beans steamed, well-crushed, mixed with refined sugar, pumpkins, and lotus seeds jam. Spreading a layer of cooking oil on a fresh banana leaf, the next layer of mixed fried rice and sugar, one more layer of green beans, covered with another layer of cereal, squeeze it back, then we’ve done all steps for a young rice cake. You might go crazy by eating even its smell.

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