Well-known as the most beautiful mountain of northwestern Vietnam, Ngu Chi Son As a part of the famous Hoang Lien mountain range, Ngu Chi Son is in the system of five mountains which look like five fingers to the sky. With the altitude about 3000m above the sea level just behind the highest mountain in Indochina – Fansipan mount, Ngu Chi Son is a real challenge for the residents and the climber as well.

The ultimate adventure to conquer Ngu Chi Son Mountain 1

As matter of fact, talking about this mount, people think about its challenging and extremely dangerous features. A journey to conquer Ngu Chi Son is a real wildlife tour, a true return to the nature. To reach the peak, backpacker has to take the muddy path on the side of the mountain, one side is abyss, one side is mountain cliff and there are even sometime no place to set foot. When the route is far from acceptable, it is worse after the rainy season when the landslide leave such a mess on the road.

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The ultimate adventure to conquer Ngu Chi Son Mountain 2

Then hiking along the stream till reaching Cau May waterfall which is somehow the bridge connecting the ground and the cloudy sky. At an altitude of 2.200m above sea level, the water flows glides downs continuously until explode into millions of water drops and the thick layers of water sprays. Furthermore, at the foot of the waterfall the way the sunlight played on the water and the sound, it is too magnificent so make you think about a place in the paradise.

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The ultimate adventure to conquer Ngu Chi Son Mountain 3

The deeper you go inside the dense forest the incredible it is the surroundings. Don’t make yourself confused by obsessing with the question if you are shrunk just like the children in the movie “Honey, I shrunk the kids” or getting lost in the land of giants just like Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels. You will never believe in your own eyes and can’t help but let the majestic nature slay you.

The ultimate adventure to conquer Ngu Chi Son Mountain 4

As a matter of fact, that’s the majestic face of nature or specifically of the primary forest from several centuries. The small path will lead you through the field of black cardamom, one of the most typical and precious spices of the residents. Also on the muddy road, Hmong people come to collect the aroma fruit every September to October following lunar calendar.

The ultimate adventure to conquer Ngu Chi Son Mountain 5

Once setting foot on an alttude of 2.400m, no one can’t help but has goose bumps because of the moisture and the change in temperature. Thank for the weather, the wide range of vegetation is amazing. It’s not exaggeration to say that this play is apparently the treasure of the natural world where perfectly conserve a lot of rare and precious species of plants.

The ultimate adventure to conquer Ngu Chi Son Mountain 6

To continue your “journey to the jungle” then take limitless path which will lead you higher and higher to the place touching the sky. It’s not easy at all to pass the slippery and steep climb. Then you have to use your both hands to cling to the bamboos along the path. No mistake are allow or you will put your life in hands of the wild. In front of you is the gorgeous sea of clouds while behind your back is green valleys, and dense forest sleeping in the caress of mountainous winds.

The ultimate adventure to conquer Ngu Chi Son Mountain 7

The moment of reaching the peak will leave you speechless because of tiredness after about 6 hours hiking and of course the phenomenon view. From an altitude of 2.800m, the nature show its majestic beauty to you, nothing can better than such a reward for one who has enough effort and stamina to conquer the challenges of Mother Nature.

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