In your Sapa tour, if you are looking for a tranquil ambiance after the energetic time in the town, many peaceful neighboring villages will be awesome to keep your journey full of surprise and interesting experience. Then Lao Chai appears as an ideal destination where you will absolutely fall for.

Located 7 km from Sapa town, Lao Chai village is the home of many minorities as Hmong, Tay, and Dao… this peaceful village is right in the valley of Hoang Lien mount and Ham Rong Mountain. By taking the main road and passing through Cau May bridge, tourist finally arrive to the village. Just from the very first moment tourist can all feels the peaceful ambiance.


Spring, summer, fall, winter… and spring, Lao Chai is always beautiful but in different ways. The nature is decorated by the vivid color of pink cherry blossom, white plum blossom… in the spring time which announce a good harvest of many kind of fruit from peach to bayberry… Till the fall, the freshness of green leaves of news plants will give place to the beautiful shade of yellow of the rapeseeds fields while this village seems to go into hibernation with the white snow and freezing air.

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In addition, just like Muong Hoa valley, Lao Chai village is well-known for the stunning view of cascading field and the amazing ambiance. If you are a fan of photograph or just the natural beauty lover, don’t hesitate to admire the outrageous scenery of the terraced rice field in all year round. It’s depend on what are you expecting to admire as well as experience in this wonderful land: to be impressed by the golden of ripe rice, to satisfy your eyes with the freshness or young rice or to learn and feel about the life of people through their works on the field…


Lao Chai has a very own charm unlike the busy Sapa town, a peaceful and tranquil ambiance just a place hidden itself in the middle of nature has. In fact, come to this village you will feel like getting lost in a dream land because of the surreal beauty, rustic, simple and unbelievable. Though there are asphaltic concrete road and utility pole but no sign of the hustling bustling pace of modern life so if you are thinking about a place to escaping from the noisy life in the city, come here!

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Besides the natural beauty, many traditions through the architecture and the ancient custom will broaden your vision. A walk along the village give you a nice chance to get closer to the slow life of the people which will be definitely a highlight in your ultimate discovery in the land rich in history and culture.


Furthermore, thank for the precious experiment handed down from generation to generation of Black Hmong people, contrary to the golden of rice field people can see of green corn field and many agricultural products. if you come in the harvest time, you will be excited by the house full of corn which give such a comfortable smell of freshness.


By coming here, don’t waste a chance to experience the best thing of a trip in the mountainous land, homestay. You can live, can cool, can eat, can chat… with the residents, specifically can learn how to live like a tribal people… to know how to enjoy life the most…


Don’t hesitate! Just let Lao Chai village define again your definition about peaceful. Go and see!

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