Vietnam also have places to enjoy eye-catching maple leaves

Che Tao maple Yen bai 7

Autumn is the time when the maple leaves gradually turn yellow and then they’re all miraculously red. It seems that maple tree is an emblem of cold countries. However, you can visit the following locations in Vietnam to have a look at absolutely amazing leaves.

1. Dalat –  Kingdom of gorgeous temperate zone plants

Maple tree dalat 1Dalat is not only famous for its various flowers. Nowadays, young people are flushing to Dalat to see the red maple forest in autumn days. Situated in the middle of the far-flung forest of Tuyen Lam Lake, thousands of red maple trees are boasting their beauty. Yellow, red maple leaves are highlighted on the background of the greenish forest of Tuyen Lam stoking too much curiosity and wanderlust for tourists. The maple trees are scattered throughout the forest but to traverse this woodland, visitants must hike on the jagged routes. More often than not, out-of-towners just sightsee at the forest edge. December is the time when the weald at its best.

Maple tree dalat 2

2. Che Tao maple forest – Yen Bai

Che Tao maple Yen bai 4This timberland is famous throughout the country. Not so much, with just a few maple trees, but the huge ones, this woodlot earns a top-notch position in the best places to witness this kind of tree in Vietnam. Because they’re located right on the side of backpacking Mu Cang Chi routes, young folks do not try hard to make their way there. This is a huge forte compared with other spots. The old trunks give away their used-to-be-a-part and display a stunning carpet miraculously touched by mother nature. No digital cameras can capture all of the fabulous and poetic beauty of this land.

Che Tao maple Yen bai 5

3. Mount Fansipan – Sapa (Lao Cai)

maple sapa 1Mount Fansipan is known as Indochinese rooftop, extremely famous and attracts series of international tourists. Better yet, this is also a great spot for young people to admire the ominous red leaves. The maple trees grow at a height of over 3000m on high peaks like Fansipan, Pu Ta Leng, Bach Moc Luong Tu making it more beautiful and romantic in the eyes of the tourists.

maple sapa 2

4. Tam Dao – Vinh Phuc Forest

maple tam dao vinh phucTam Dao is a famous tourist destination in the north of this country because it has a cool, fresh air like a “Sapa Miniature”. Tam Dao also attracts young people with the route full of red folioles. Along the way to Chua Dia Nguc – the “Hell” Pagoda, maple trees grow very condensedly. Hence, this is the perfect place for backpackers and young dudes to “check in”.

Sapa beauty

Sapa specialty 


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