If you’re worrying about the food while travelling, Nha Trang certainly will lift the burden off your shoulder. Fresh Seafood from the Ocean to the Kitchen You’ll be enjoying unique oriental seafood dishes in the most beachy way you’ll possibly find. It’s also one big check off of the “Things You Have To Do in Nha Trang” checklist -Vietnam Tours...
What are Vietnam tours by trains like?
In Vietnam tours, tourists prefer traveling by train. Where do train services in Vietnam can take you to? Types of Vietnamese trains There are many types of Vietnamese trains. However, in your Vietnam tours 2017, the most likely of which you will come across are the 5-star, SE, SP, TN and LC services. Train types are distinguished by their prefix. The...
How about northeast Vietnam tours to Cao Bang? image 1
Northeast Vietnam tours are becoming more and more popular. Wilderness is one of the unique attractions of this land. Cao Bang is a wonderful point of Vietnam's destinations. Geography and characters of northeastern Vietnam The Northeast is the north of the Red River Delta. Northeast called to distinguish them from the Northwest. The northeast of Vietnam from Ha Giang to Lang...
4- Discovering Local Taste: Nha Trang Vietnam Tour - The cuisine - Part 2
Banh Can - Can pancake This cake is made from rice flour, baked with either quailed eggs, or seafood topping. There are countless number of topping the local can come up with, but the popular topping remains travellers’ favorite are quailed eggs, eggs, squids, beef, etc. You can get this dish almost anywhere in Nha Trang. Don’t forget to dip...
Exploring Nha Trang Vietnam tours: The islands image 5
There are approximately 19 islands surrounding Nha Trang Bay. Each island is known for its own specialized nature resources and most are open for touring. If you have visited Nha Trang in the past, but didn’t have a chance to go to any of these islands, you’re truly missing out. Touring around the islands is one of the best...




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