This remote village is actually the hidden charm of the Sapa highlands which is famous as “the land of fog”.

The village hidden in the clouds 1

Located in the west of Bat Xat commune and about 100km to the town, Y Ty is absolutely a great place for those who are looking for an ultimate escape from the modern life and a wonderful return to the nature. This intact land is a treasure to discover and to be impressed.

The village hidden in the clouds 2

With the altitude over 2500m above sea level, the summit is covered by white clouds all year round. So riding on the winding path leading to the Nhu Co San will leave you an excellent experience of flying to the sky. You can even feel the clouds and the cool air running into your arms. And you will immersed yourself in the sea of fog and cloud in no time just like getting lost in the heaven. Then Y Ty village silently appears right in front of your eyes, poetic and wonderful.

The village hidden in the clouds 2 The village hidden in the clouds 5

The very first impression about this village is the peaceful ambiance and the natural beauty. You can’t help but admire the harmonization of the environment and slow life of the residents. The immense cascading rice field spread over the horizon in every directions. The stunning view may make you ask yourself how far away the horizon is and somehow in the face of nature you feel like a tiny part of a massive universe swirling around.

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The village hidden in the clouds 7

In the winter, Y Ty is supposed to show one of its incredible charms, a real-life paradise in the planet. You believe or not, once come to set your foot in Y Ty, the magnificent ocean of the clouds will leave you speechless. The small village beautifully plunge in the fluffy white clouds. Furthermore, the performance of light, clouds and the fabulous surroundings will make you can’t believe in your own eyes because of such an art of God.

The village hidden in the clouds 8

Y Ty is home to Ha Nhi people, one of the most typical ethnic groups of the northwestern Vietnam besides Hmong, Dao, Dzay… In addition, if you there is a secret behind the magnetic charm of Y Ty village, it will definitely the colorful culture of Ha Nhi people, specifically their traditional house. Rustic, simple and intelligent are what people can think about the unique mud house. From far away, it look just like a massive mushrooms.

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Thank for the brilliant art odd building handed down from generation to generation, the exotic architecture of the house is incredible comfortable, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Besides, can you see how much the rustic house fit the surroundings? Many house with the grey thatch and the old mud wall covered with green moss in such a stunning landscape will make remind you a wonderland in a fairy tale.

The village hidden in the clouds 10

And don’t forget to visit the weekend market held every Saturday where you can see the live in harmony of many minorities groups and of course get closer to their exotic life. Come here, the lively rhythm of trading activities, the enthusiastic conversation between young couple, the colorful traditional clothes… will help to broaden your mind to the tradition of the mountainous region.

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Come to Y Ty, you come to the land of many amazing things which leave a great mark in your heart and make you remember about this land, not only the majestic landscapes but also the unique culture. Come and see!




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