If you are looking for a memorable journey in Sapa, let make a winter hiking on Nhiu San Co, the second highest mountain of the area and the eighth of the nationwide. Of course, it’s not an easy one, but if you are looking for unique places to visit off the beaten track then you can’t avoid putting a bit more effort.

Winter hiking on Nhiu Co San Mount 1

Talking about Nhiu Co San mountain, it’s not about the landscape when comparing its “neighbors” Bach Mọc Nuong Tu and Lao Than. As a matter of fact, this mount is well-known for its challenging and dangerous features which are only for ones are passionate in climbing and conquering “the arrogance of the nature”.

Winter hiking on Nhiu Co San Mount 2

Just at the foot of Nhiu San Co, the vision is limited because of heavy fog which seems silently swallow the trees in from of your face. Sometime, it seems like giving up is a retreat when facing the muddy path and the frozen temperature. You can even feel the icy air mischievously running into you and give you giving you goose bumps.

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Winter hiking on Nhiu Co San Mount 3

Nhiu San Co is in the complicated mountain system of Bat Xat commune, Lao Cai province. With the altitude nearly 3000m above sea level, in the winter the nature in this majestic mountain immerse itself in dense fog and freezing wind.

Winter hiking on Nhiu Co San Mount 4

It’s not just you but the whole forest is blanketed by fog. From the very first moment, you can feel like getting lost in a mysterious world of Grimm’s fairy tales. The more you come deeper in the forest the more strange it get when the trees all freezes over and leaves are covered by thorn ice.

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Winter hiking on Nhiu Co San Mount 6 Winter hiking on Nhiu Co San Mount 5

But the nature is always full of surprise. Hidden in the Nhiu San Co forest go into hibernation is the pure beauty of the nature which is still wonderful though the unbearable weather conditions. Frozen dew drops bring life to withered grass, dried flower…

Winter hiking on Nhiu Co San Mount 8 Winter hiking on Nhiu Co San Mount 7

There are still many species of wild flower blooming in such a temperature. The little buds covering with icing become a lovely cube of ice or even a beautiful crystal which is the no doubt the art of nature and absolutely your best reward.

Winter hiking on Nhiu Co San Mount 9

And after passed the “crystal forest”, you finally come to the outrageous Nhiu San Co Mountain. At that moment, it’s nothing more amazing than admire the sea of clouds and feel proud of yourself after a tough journey to successfully conquer one of the most legendary mountain of Vietnam.

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