5 best places to visit in Vietnam from September to November including Sapa

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Once again Sapa occupies a well-earned position in the list of top destinations to visit in Vietnam during autumn. Sapa in this time of the year is mentioned incessantly due to its marvelous views.

Harvest season in Sapa

The terraced fields in Sapa are often ripe earlier, so from September, the marvelous yellow has started to cover this beautiful land. From Muong Hoa Valley to Ta Phi, Ta Van and O Quy Ho, rice’s golden hue, and its fragrance are so prevalent.

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Where to go in Vietnam – Sapa richly deserves a place in top spots.

Mu Cang Chai terraced fields

H Mong’s long-existed terraced fields are changing their colors swiftly. The highland Yen Bai people plant rice seedlings on steep slopes. The ethnic Thai people set up in the lowlands, grow sticky rice in Tu Le Valley. The Mong people are good at climbing mountain passes. They ingeniously turned the risky mountains into beautiful terraces. The talented and devoted hands of the Dao, the Mong, the Ha Nhi, the Giay, the Tay, the Xa Pho, the Nung, the Pa Dí … have been creating the masterpieces from generation to generation.

Before coming to high altitude terraces, tourists should stop in Tu Le and enjoy the dynamite eat of glutinous rice with hilly chicken. You will be amazed by the awesomeness from that combination.

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Mu Cang Chai

Y Ty in golden season

The land of Y ty locates far-flung in the mountains buried in the cloud cover all year round. At a height of 2,000 meters, this field has the back resting on the Nhieu Co San mountain range with the highest summit of 2,660 meters. People hardly see any sunlight there, hence dubbed the name “the misty land”.

There are 3 routes leading that place. The first one starts at the bottom of O Quy Ho Pass. The second option is traversing through Bat Xat – Ban Voc to Muong Hum, and the third is from A Mu Sung which is near Lung Po – where the Red River flows into Vietnam.

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Pure beauty of Y Ty field

Hunting rice” in Pu Luong

June and September are the most beautiful time of the year in Pu Luong – a natural reservation located between Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc districts of Thanh Hoa.

This is the time when rice paddies in Pu Luong villages become simultaneously mature enough. These fields present a poetic scenery and it would be so romantic to accompany your loved one there.

It is possible to approach Pu Luong by car but the favorite vehicle of young people motorbike. A forest traversing offroad or trekking trails along the mountainside will leave a great impression on you of the scenery and people there.

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A scene in Phu Luong Village

Glitter Hoang Su Phi field

Hoang Su Phi has 4 culture-tourism villages, namely Nam Hong, Giang Thuong, Phin Ho and Lang Giang.

Hoang Su Phi is an attractive destination for community tours. When visitors come to the Pan Moon eco-resort on the Thong Nguyen stream, in a very peaceful and romantic setting, the youthful innocence of The Dao girls will conquer everyone with their pretty smile.

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Hoang Su Phi in autumn

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