Cheap and delicious must-try eateries in Sapa


All top-list restaurants and eateries in Sapa make their way to this article! Check it out or bookmark it for future use!

1. A Quynh – Northwest specialty restaurant

Address: No. 15 Thach Son
Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:30
Phone: (02) 03 871 555
A Quynh is most famous for its thang co (a kind of horse hotpot), one of the unique specialties of the Northwest. In addition to thang co, when coming here you can also enjoy other delicious viands such as fried bamboo rice, smoked buffalo, trout hot pot, vegetable hot pot, or other amazing dishes with the familiar ingredients such as banana, chicken, buffalo meat, horse meat, etc.

Sapa-eatery-1 It can be said that this is the most famous specialty restaurant in Sapa, suitable for both local people and out-of-towners. The interior design is delicately organized bringing cozy and familiar feeling.

Sapa-eatery-2A Quynh also has acoustic performance on Friday and Sunday every week, so if you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa on these days, do not forget to visit this gorgeous place!

2. Sapa Barbeque Area

Address: Cau May Street
Opening hours: 7am – 11pm
Located on Cau May street is a chain of shops, small street food stalls specializing in selling all kinds of grilled meat such as grilled skewers, grilled chicken eggs, grilled salmon, grilled rice, grilled sausage … All the barbecue are available there.

Sapa-eatery-3 This famous restaurant in Sapa is especially attractive to tourists because of the reasonable price, staffs’quick service, and enthusiasm. Normally a barbecue skewer is priced from 10 000 vnd – 30000 vnd (22000 vnd = 1$), each person fill up their bellies with just within 60000 vnd -100000 vnd

Grilled stream fish – a real taste of place in SapaSapa-eatery-4.

In the evening, the barbecue area on Cau Mieu Street is bustling with food because it is cooked with charcoal, it can be a little smoky for the restaurant’s space but it is delicious and try-worthy.

3. Red Dao Restaurant

Address: 4B Thac Bac
Opening hours: 8:00 – 22:30
Tel: 020 387 2927
Red Dao Restaurant is the next deluxe restaurant in Sapa. The restaurant is located near the central area on the way to the Silver Waterfall specializing in serving local wild livestock such as ethnic boar, wild boar, trout, river fish, wild vegetables, buffalo meat …

Sapa-eatery-5 Stay true to this restaurant’s name, the inside is decorated in the red theme, so you should come here to eat on cold days and make sure you feel the warmness. The service staffs of the restaurant are quite attentive.

Special wines should try in Sapa

Sapa-eatery-6Their enthusiasm will certainly make this a reliable gastronomy address in Sapa for you.

4. Sapa Lotus

Address: 34 Cau May Street
Opening hours: 9 am – 10:30 pm
Tel: 020 628 5789
Continue the list of cheap restaurants and eateries in Sapa that you can not ignore, Sapa Lotus is our next stop. Sapa Lotus Restaurant specializes in serving traditional Vietnamese hot pot dishes for tourists to learn more about the culinary culture of Sapa.

Sapa-eatery-7Located on Cau May Street, where there are many barbecue stalls, Sapa Lotus Restaurant is more prominent by the luxurious design in the ultra-unique classic style.

Sapa-eatery-8A pot of about 600000 vnd with meat, fish, fresh vegetables and delicious broth will make you immerse in these viands.

5. Tung Ha Noi – Pho Gia Truyen

Address: Xuan Vien
Opening hours: 6 am – 9 pm
If you want to discover the flavor of pho Hanoi in Sapa then go to Xuan Vien Street near Sapa Lake for breakfast. The spot in the morning is packed with people to eat by the taste of delicious noodles, broth, and fresh veggies.


A bowl of pho with prices ranging from 40000 – 60000 vnd can be considered not cheap but the quality is highly assured and you will be full until noon. The staffs are quite nimble because they get used to serving many people at the same time, then it’s understandable to serve 20 people in no time.

6. Sapa dining area

Address: Located on the left-hand side of Sapa Stone Church
Opening hours: 6:30 – 22:30
Sapa dining are is a famous eating place in Sapa with many cheap restaurants and eateries specializing in serving specialties of the Northwest and Sapa mountains.

Sapa-eatery-10The cuisine of the area is extremely diverse from grilled skewers only 10000 – 15000 vnd to the pot of 600000 vnd. Once coming here, do not forget to eat the dishes made from wild mountainous chickens, semi-wild pig, and river fish because these are the excellent fresh food of this mountainous land. Meat is very delicious but not soft as the lowland industrial farming cattle.

Amazing dishes of Sapa’s unique cuisine

In addition to the delicious specialties in Sapa above, you can go to the quite good following address:

Chapa Restaurant: 40 Cau May
Hoang Minh Restaurant: 23 – 24 Sapa Cuisine Area
Rendezvous Restaurant: 06 Muong Hoa


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