A feast of flavor in the charcoal grill in Sapa 1
In every grilled food store, you can easily meet a dozen of bamboo tube arranged on the furnace grill. You probably don’t know what it is but the fragrance attractive of sticky rice still make your mouth salivating. You can miss any specialties but not this one.This must-try food attract people not only by its amazing flavor but...
You may have eaten grilled dishes such as roasted potatoes, grilled meat, and grilled vegetables but only at Sapa you can enjoy the famous grilled egg. Grilled food is a popular dish in Sapa. It’s quite cheap people can even pay by rice or wine. The simple shop serves a wide variety of grilled dishes such as grilled stomach, grilled...
Water buffalo meat hung upstairs kitchen in Sapa 4
Talking about northwestern mountains, specifically Sapa we talk about not only the multicolored culture but also the diverse culinary. We can count the tenderness of grilled hand-carried piglet, the fragrance of seven color glutinous rice… but nothing can more special than the strong flavor of the brown buffalo flesh, water buffalo meat hung upstairs kitchen.This special food is a...
Seven color steamed glutinous rice in Sapa 1
A trip in Sapa will not only your sight with beautiful landscape and breathtaking scenery but also the multicolored cuisine, literally. Yeah, your ears didn’t deceive you and it’s of course about one of the most famous specialties of this mountainous land Sapa, seven color steamed rice. When you have a chance to taste this typical food, don’t be too...
Come to Bac Ha (Lao Cai) on sunday, tourists can enjoy local specialties such as Thang co, Pho chua (sour noudle soup), Men men ... as well as visit the dog market or buy handicraft as souvenirs.Eat snack From 7am everyone already opened their food stall all around the corner of Bac Ha Market. When entering the main entrance visitors...
Sapa is in the peach and strawberries season, the fruit are all beautifully ripe that visitors have to experience fresh fruit picking in the garden.May is the beginning of harvest season of juicy and sweet peach in Sapa. Although this fruit is sold quite well on many roads leading to the town center, taste the fruit that is picked...
Sapa delicacies Being a tourist town, you can find many kinds of food here like Western, Indian, and Vietnamese. However, let’s talk about the local specialties: Lon Cap Nach(direct translation: grabbing the pig around the arm)The H’mong raises a special kind of pig (or hog?) in the wild environment. When the pig weights around 7 to 10 kg, they capture...
The secret of famous cuisine in sapa 9
The unique gastronomy is no doubt the best attraction of Vietnam. Then every region from north to south supposed to typically develop a regional art of culinary. And Sapa too, this mountainous area have a secret that make local cuisine steal the heart of all tourist. Let find out what is it!1.   Seasonal food Thank for the temperate climate, Sapa...
must-try food 1
The secret of famous cuisine in Sapa is the way they treasure food and respect the genuine flavor of each ingredient in such a wonderful combination in local culinary art... Then stay hungry and keep the food expert in yourself enjoying the most in your entire Sapa tour.Salmon and sturgeonSalmon and Sturgeon are so familiar with foreigner tourists that...




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