Do you ever thought about Sapa in winter? No green terraced rice field, no pink cherry blossoms… but still won’t let you down, a very different Sapa covered in snow and cold air. Unexpectedly, snow time in Sapa is not a winter but an unforgettable experience that you can’t find anywhere else.


Sapa has a unique climate condition in Vietnam with the four-season per day characteristic and is always famous for the beautiful green of natural landscape… but in the winter is a whole new thing, the white snow is everywhere and all the town is blanketed with the cold air.


In this season, the field is all covered by a thick layer of snow which represent for the cultivation going into hibernation. As a matter of fact, that’s a natural way to let the soil resting for the next plantation.

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Without the green cover of beautiful rice, the field full of snow is sparkling under the sun. And the whistling of the wind through the frozen leaves replace the bird song as the sound of the nature.


Nothing better is than enjoying a cup of warm coffee in the chill of the winter by sitting in a cozy coffee shop and looking at some children playing in the snow, making snowman… will bring back your infant memories.


Furthermore, a walk around the town will show you a different face of Sapa, the symbolic stone church sleeping in the fog, the road turning with the crystal white snow, the flower hidden in the transparent surface of ice…

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A visit to the food market will be marvelous in this freezing season. Just imagine the satisfying feeling of sitting next to the hot charcoal grill and tasting the best flavors of local cuisine. The fragrant smoke from food lingering in the air will chase away the cold air meanwhile warm up your body with a nice sip of homemade wine.


If you want to heat up your stomach with a hot dish, then don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a flavorful of Thang co. In fact, just looking at the boiling pot of Thang co can make your stomach growling for the delicious food.


Winter is also the best time for you to learn about the daily life and the unique culture of residents when they don’t have to visit the field. A cozy meal around the fire is definitely an unforgettable for tourist. Tribal people is very hospitable, they are willing to tell you the most interesting story about their culture.


Sapa will remain its charm all year round though the season. In winter, Sapa is not stunning with the green of tree, the yellow of field, the blue of sky… but still a peaceful picture, still an art of nature with the fairy snow white.



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