Located in Cat Cat village, Sapa, Lau Vong Canh is considered as the soul of Cat Cat village and a tourist attractions in Saps that tourist can’t miss in your tour in this beautiful land.


Located 2km from the town and on the road to Cat Cat, Lau Vong Canh situate on a separate hill between Sapa town and Cat Cat village, in front of Sapa town, at the foot of Cat Cat village and hehind the marvelous Hoang Lien mountain… This is the most scenic place in Sapa.


Vong Canh – the ideal stop

Coming to Cat Cat village, visitors will be immersed in the cultural ambiance of this exotic place. And when going upstairs visitors can see the whole panorama of the village and the beautiful town.

An interesting experience in Lau Vong Canh is to enjoy a cup of coffee and admire the mysterious Sapa behind the natural foggy curtain. The most favorite feeling is watching Sapa sunset from Lau Vong Cau and taking the most beautiful photos of the paradise of the northwest.


Furthermore, this poetic place will bring more artistic as well as romantic inspiration by the unique beauty of the splendid landscape of Sapa. For tourists, Lau Vong Canh is a nice place where you can relax, get away from all the problems of daily life replaced by the pure and fresh soul.

Go to Cat Cat village in addition to experience the scenery on the Vong Cau, you are also getting yourself in the life of people there. The most attractive trait to the tourist is to learn the customs and habits of the Hmong tribe as “keo vo”, “tho ty”, “gau tao”… H’mong people in Cat Cat village have a lot of dishes with a unique cooking style: corn homemade wine, “thang co”, smoked meat…


Sapa joins a hand to help Vietnam earn a slot among top 10 amazing trips in autumn.


The architecture of the Hmong people in this village has many features such as: wooden house with three floors with a worshiping space, a reserved food attic, a sleeping place, a kitchen…

To Cat Cat you also have the opportunity to admire the women of the Hmong ethnic women weaving brocade. Through this weaving they create many colorful fabric with patterns simulating animals, plants, flowers…

Lau Vong Canh is the destination that many tourists choose to come first when they are at Cat Cat village. With a panoramic view and sapa landscape, Vong Canh is a place where you can enjoy the scenery, take pictures or drop your soul in beautiful scenery.

According to sapa.dulichvietnam.com.vn


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