Na Nheo  – Sapa’s cousin – From rags to riches

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Na Nheo is known for its pristine nature, majestic waterfalls deep in the Hoang Lien – Van Ban Nature Reserve. The advantages of natural scenery help Na Nheo have the potential to develop community tourism and ecotourism.

Na Nheo is the most remote village of Khanh Yen Ha (Van Ban), with 100% H’Mong citizens. Previously, to reach the village, we had to go nearly 10 km crossing many streams and dangerous cliffs. By 2015, the road to the village were expanded, spread and paved for better approaching. Since the route is wider, the tourism potential of Na Nheo will be gradually “awakened”.

Na Nheo history

na nheo 1On the very first day of  village foundation, there were only 6 households. It has increased up to 45 households now. Not only H’Mong people in Lung Cu but also Hmong people in Sa Pa also settle here. Compared with other villages in Khanh Yen Ha (Van Ban), Na Nheo is poorest and devoid of common living facilities. However, compared to the time in Lung Cung is far better, “from nobody to somebody”.  At present, in Na Nheo village, 42 households have motorbikes of which 10 households have 2 units, 2 households have 4 units; 100% of households use electricity and water. The village has 10 mills, 68 buffaloes, cows, 14 ha of rice fields, 6 ha of cardamom. Some families earn VND50 – 100 million from cardamom, proudly said Mr. A De – Na Nheo’s head.

Na Nheo waterfall

na nheo 2Na Nheo waterfall is said that this is a beautiful majestic and wild art of nature. It is not as difficult or dangerous to travel as the Bay Waterfall (Liem Phu commune, Van Ban), not as high as Bac Waterfall (Sa Pa) … but Na Nheo waterfall has its own iconic features. The water from the height of about 40m poured down jubilantly. Standing at the foot of the fall, you are likely to feel the infinitestimalness of the human being in comparison with mighty nature. The upstream part of the giant waterfall has labyrinths of large slippery stones forming the natural slides. In the summer, adults and children in the area often go here and “water slide”.

Cold but clear water that you can see through the bottom. Along the stream flowing through Na Nheo village is a large, deep bath, suitable for both adults and children bathed in scorching heat. Many areas have flat and plain terrain suitable for outdoor camping activities.

If you come here in September or October each year, visitors will see the beautiful terraced fields in harvest period under the bright sun. Besides, pristine forests with diversified vegetation will surely satisfy nature lovers on their adventure of conquering brand new experience. It is known that there is a local business to invest in ecotourism development in Na Nheo. This may be an opportunity for Na Nheo to develop tourism community creating a brand for Van Ban tourism and contributing to improving the lives’ standard of local folks here.

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