A visit to Sapa is apparently a food lover’s journey which is no doubt a paradise for vegan and especially for carnetarian. Come to think about that hand-carried piglet dishes is always the hottest food in the upland town. But don’t forget about many pork dish which can absolutely make you fall for from the very first try, but just one stand out on top of regional must-try food, can you guess? It’s savory, fragrant, tasty… and it’s nothing different from the legendary salt pork.

Salt pork – the unique savory of Sapa cuisine 1

Pork plays always such an important role in Vietnamese cuisine. Thus, if you ask for the delicious Vietnamese recipe with pork meat you will be impressed by the diversity of the cooking style. About the specialties, from grilled pork to stewed pork with caramel or salted shredded pork… but the most exotic seems always salt pork of ethnic people in Sapa with the unique savory and attractive light pink color.

Salt pork – the unique savory of Sapa cuisine 2

To the residents in many tribal village, pork dishes have a big part in not only the daily life but also the spiritual life. As a matter of fact, pork is always the main ingredients for a traditional ceremony as a meal in many occasion, from New Year to ancestor worship… And thank for the beautiful flavor and many nutritious values, people created many delicious dishes but after all the very first specialty of the regional cuisine is salt pork.

Salt pork – the unique savory of Sapa cuisine 3

It’s is pretty easy to make this food with all popular ingredients which people can easily buy in the market, collect in the forest or even find in the garden. Jackfruit leaves, bay leaves, betel leaves, fresh chilli, lesser galangal are what demanded to make this dish. After being dried, people supposed to crush all of them together and add a special spice, the glutinous rice wine. Then marinate pork meat with this aroma mix before immersing in a vase of salt or full of a light liquid of fish sauce and sugar. And one to two week later, the salt pork is ready to be use.

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Salt pork – the unique savory of Sapa cuisine 4

A perfect slice of salt pork has a beautiful pink inside covered by a thin white layer of fat and light brown layer of skin. Once trying a taste, no one can’t resist from keep eating this flavorful meet. In addition, this exotic style of cooking not only enhance the flavor but also make the meat less greasy and tenderer. It’s not exaggeration to say that you can feel the savory slice of meat melted right in your mouth.

Salt pork – the unique savory of Sapa cuisine 5

Fried or grilled meat are the favorite way of cooking this food. Just by one bite, you can feel such an explosion of flavor, the spiciness of hot chilli and lesser galangal, the attractive smell of many aroma spices, the light acerbity of jackfruit leaves and betel leaves… mixing with the saltiness of salt or fish sauce. The tenderness inside and the crunchiness of the skin outside after dried will definitely turn you into a fan of this mouthwatering specialty.

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Salt pork – the unique savory of Sapa cuisine 6

In this mountainous land, in every welcome meal in a tribal family, this simple dish represents the hospitality of the host to the guest. With the most ordinary ingredient, people can bring the most amazing flavor of pork meat. That’s is enough to show how delicate and intelligent the culinary art of the region is. Then, don’t hesitate to try a taste this signature delicacy in your tour in Sapa.

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