Sapa culture museum – The showcase of local history and culture

Sapa culture museum
For further insight of this highland's interesting myths , please visit Sapa culture museum

If you travel somewhere, it’s never a bad idea to visit the museum to gain knowledge about the history, culture, and people there. Though Sapa culture museum is not the top choice for the tourists, it’s worth 30 minutes visiting for those who first come to Sapa.

A quick overview of local culture and history

Many tourists perhaps don’t consider spending time for visiting such an infamous destination but to those who are interested in history and culture, it can be a good experience. The local museum educates visitors about the history and ethnology of the town, including the development of the town during the French colonial time and the tradition or habits of the local folks. Therefore; tourists coming to Sapa should pay a visit to this local museum to have a quick overview of the culture and history of the area before going off and exploring the wider space.

Details about the structure of Sapa culture museum

The museum is housed in a small attractive building. The entry is free for everyone. It is divided into two main sections, the upstairs section, and the downstairs section.

The upstairs is for exhibitions. At the beginning of the journey around this place you will see a static exhibition about the history of Sapa then some slightly more engaging exhibitions about the culture, especially the culture of ethnic communities living in Sapa. There are four rooms for displaying interesting cultural objects and models like clothes, tools, drums, etc used by the local people during ceremonies. Some of those objects are similar to ones displayed in the Museum of Ethnology in Ha Noi, but the collection here is far smaller.

Bilingual posts for a better interpretation

Sapa culture museum
The boldness of Sapa ethnic minority’s culture will broaden our eyes

There are also posters about the history and culture which is described in different languages including English. Even though some descriptions are too faded to read, the museum shows us general knowledge about ethnic groups and how differently the minorities live in Sapa.

The downstairs section is for those who want to go shopping and buy some souvenirs from the famous city. There are high-quality local table furnishings and trinkets in the store at ground floor entrance. Tourists also can buy valuable scarfs, bags, ponchos, etc especially handicrafts made by H’Mong and Red Dao people.

In fact, the shopping activities in the downstairs are not only to promote the culture and tradition of the local folks but also to help the minorities with economic opportunities. In addition, the donations for the museum are also accepted.

Where and when to visit the Sapa culture museum?

Sapa culture museum
We have to keep an eye on the appropriate time to visit this museum

Sapa culture museum is located behind the tourist information center in the middle of the town’s center.

Sapa culture museum opens from 7:30 to 11:30 in the morning, and from 13:30 to 17h in the afternoon.

For the convenient address and opening time, there’s no reason why tourists should not spend just half an hour having an overlook at the museum before visiting other popular destinations in Sapa.


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