Sapa cold fresh vegetable – the precious present for tourists


Sapa is a frontier township and capital of Lao Cai Province in north-west of Vietnam. It is one of the main “melting pot” in the area, where several ethnic minority groups such as Hmong, Dao (Yao), Giáy and Pho Lu gather around. The weather of Sapa is mild all year-round. And sometimes it is also snow.

People visit Sapa for its beautiful landscape and unique cuisine. The gastronomy of Sapa is varied and diverse with many delicious dishes. There is a very interesting dish here. It is Sapa cold fresh vegetable which becomes a special gift for visitors from when unknown.

Basic information

People are working endlessly to produce many heads of organic cabbage for all

If you visit Sapa, you will taste special dishes made with Sapa cold fresh vegetable. The temperate climate of Sapa is a great forte to nourish this veggie. Moreover, it is the fertile land brings to life series of lush and crunchy edible leaves. Sapa becomes an area which pops up first when mentioning vegetable winter vegetable in Vietnam – a tropical country with only two seasons. There are many of them such as cauliflower, green and red radish, chayote, broccoli, garlic, etc. Being different from the vegetable in plains, the ones in Sapa has the special sweet, soft and fresh flavours.

Why is Sapa cold fresh vegetable so famous?

No herbicides, no pesticides, they are “clean and clear”

Fresh vegetables are the huge feat from the great creativity and endurance of farmers in Sapa. Vegetables are grown and taken care of until duetime. Moreover, they assure food safety one hundred percent and this is absolutely spot on! In this world of chemical and polluted edible produce, a souce of clean and clear items will ease our enormous worriness. These types of vegetables are not only green and fresh but also say no to available pesticides and herbicides.

The special fresh vegetable that you should not ignore

Chayote grennish branches

There are way many dishes made from fresh vegetables in Sapa. However, the best one arguably is steamed young chayote’s branches. Sapa’s chayote is green, fresh and available all year round. So if you visit Sapa, you can taste this dish anytime. That green steamed chayote is best paired with sesame salt and served with hot rice.

Another special Sapa cold fresh vegetable dish that you should taste is the twigs of some vegetables. For example, garlic, kohlrabi, borecole, and so on. When you get it into your mouth, you will taste soft fresh and sweet. This dish is usually eaten with the special soup – a mixture of fish sauce, garlic, monosodium glutamate, sugar and chilli. It will be an unforgetable dish in your life for sure due to the unbelivable aftertaste .

In Sap, fresh vegetables are makes their way to the top dishes that you should keep an eye on when setting foot on this highland. I think after reading this post, you will understand why fresh vegetables are widely loved and bought as presents.



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