The Hang Tien Cave mysterious scene

Hang Tien Cave in Sapa

The Hang Tien Cave is one of the famous scenes of Sapa. It owns a wild beauty with many beautiful and fancy stone blocks, which creates excitement for tourists traveling Sapa.

Exploring the Hang Tien Cave

Hang Tien Cave in SapaA Sapa tour lasting 3 days 4 nights -visit the white highlands with hills of Sapa plum and peach flowers. In addition, the colorful and graceful features of skirts that H’mong girls wear when going to the market is a factor attracting tourists. Besides, there are many other landscapes famous such as the Hoang A Tuong edifice and the Hang Tien Cave.

To get to the Hang Tien grotto, tourists have to cross the Tien River where small streams flowing from above, which is like a soft silk. The water looks like as sculpture carved into the cliffs, which make up many beautiful and attractive shapes, such as elephants drinking water or the eagles flying up. All of them create a large natural bath the Tien stream. 

A small corner of the Hang Tien grotto

Going through the Tien stream, visitors can see a large cave that can accommodate up to hundreds of visitors. Entering the cave, you will feHang Tien Cave in Sapael like stepping into a spectacular maze of nature. Going contrariwise a stream of water about 500m, visitors will hear the small sound from water which forms stalactites as the ancient towers with different sizes and diverse designs. Sometimes, they have to put on rocks or stick to the roots to climb the road to ground. However, visitors, regardless of dangers, will be sunk in the light of the cave an island with many flowers and water waves on the rocks. It is the tourist site you should not be missed when traveling Sapa. 

The Hang Tien cave in association with a legendary

Hang Tien Cave in SapaThe Hang Tien Cave also associated with the legendary of three fairies. People said that there were three fairies allowed to visit the world with beautiful scenes making them “get lost”. Then, because the father did not see the daughters, he was angry and ordered the God of thunder to punish them. The three fairies hid in the cave is with 200m height and did not carry out the royal decree, which made the God of thunder angry and trampled a corner of the mountain. After that, they put an end to themselves by throwing themselves downstream. Inhabitants picked up the bodies and built the shrine Ba Co temple in the center of the Bao Nai commune.

Sapa facts

The Hang Tien cave also called the Coc Ly fairy cave is one of the most beautiful and majestic caves of Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. The Coc Ly is known as a “Phong Nha Ke Bang” on the highland with 2,000 meters height. inhabitants discovered the cave early, but its poetic beauty is only really known in the last few years when tourism develops, especially when the Bao Nhai – Coc Ly market tour is formed.

If you have the opportunity to travel Sapa, you should not miss the landscape of the Hang Tien Cave. Hope you have a fun trip.


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