The Heaven Gate – An attractive destination in Sapa


When referring to heaven gates, tourists often think about Ha Giang province where is famous for the Quan Ba heaven gate. However, a few of them know that there is another Heaven Gate in Sapa. This is the highest peak of the road in Vietnam where visitors can see the peak Phan Xi Pang – the roof of Indochina.

A hint of the heaven gate in the sky

Out of the town of Sapa, going north about 18 km, the road to the heaven gate wind in mid-mountain flooded sunshine. Only the wind blows on the vegetation, which makes plants have to stick to the rocks. This mountain pass called Tram Ton located in the Hoang Lien Son range. Sapa’s heaven gate is the top of this pass.

Standing in the middle of Sapa’s the gate, you can see the vast valley below with green fields, the Phong Tho (Lai Chau) – Sapa (Lao Cai) route and the Sliver Falls– one of the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Lao Cai. With about 200m, the Silver Falls rushes water to ground, which create the sound of the solitary forest. You can also stand to look at the endless space.

The Heaven Gate in SapaEspecially, looking along the Tien River, you will also easily see the Hang Tien scene. This place is known as miniatured Halong Bay with wide beauty and beautiful and strange stone blocks. To arrive the Hang Tien, visitors have to take a boat to cross the Tien River the beautiful scenery that the nature is generous with regards Sapa.

Only in the gate, visitors feel majestic beauties of the peak of Fansipan mountain in the sky. There are also deep abysms with primitive forests containing many mysteries which have not been discovered. Formally, there is a meteorological station remote in this site. There is the fun fact that the prototype of the famous short story “Quiet Sa Pa” written by the writer Nguyen Thanh Long come from the scenery of the meteorological station.

Exploring beauties of the Heaven Gate

From the day of re-establishment of the province up to now, the Heaven Gate has become more attractive to tourists in the Sapa tour lasting 2 days and 3 nights, because many visitors coming to the Silver Falls always try to go to the gate in order to admire the Hoang Lien majestic mountains recognized as “Asia Sapa Heritage Garden”.

The Heaven Gate in SapaSapa is not only famous for its beautiful scenery and terraced fields voted one of the seven most beautiful terraced fields in Asia and the world by Travel and Leisure magazine. In addition, Sapa also own wild and peaceful beauties of the West Highland. These beauties are accidentally created by the unification for the national identity of ethnic groups, such as H’Mong, Dao Do, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho and so forth. Moreover, cultural characteristics contributed to the Northwest paintings become more strange. Apart from the sky gate, Sapa also has many other destinations, such as the majestic Silver Falls, Ham Rong mountain, Fansipan peak and so on where you can not miss when coming to Sapa.


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