Try the unforgettable dishes at Lao Cai market

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Lao Cai has many famous marketplaces such as Sin Chieng, Can Cau (Si Ma Cai), Coc Ly, Lung Phinh, Bac Ha (Bac Ha), Cao Son (Muong Khuong), Muong Hum, (Bat Xat) …

Sapa market 8Coming to these markets, visitors are “knocked-down” by high-tasting regional flavors made from the skillful hands of ethnic minority people.

Lao Cai highland market is a place of convergence of cultural features, including the Northwest culinary culture.

Some famous dishes in Lao Cai’s market

Sapa market 10The Si Ma Cai noodle soup is better thanks to black pork and special black chicken.

Sapa market 9Enjoy Muong Khuong horse thang co.

Sapa market 7At the Bat Xat market, Sa Pa, Giay people are famous for com lam (sticky rice cooked in bamboo), steamed sticky rice and rice-based snacks.

Sapa market 6Foreign visitors enjoy the corn wine at Cao Son market (Muong Khuong).

Sapa market 5Grilled village chicken with incredible fragrance

Sapa market 4Enjoy high-end regional food and beverage delights travelers.

Pho Chua Bắc Hà

Sapa market 3Bac Ha district, located about 60 km from Lao Cai city through the folding curly pass, is a tourist destination of many people to Lao Cai province. Bac Ha has a famous market at every Sunday morning. There are poetic “white highlands” of apricot blossoms in springtime. Coming to Bac Ha, people will think of the thang co, which is once mainly cooked with horse meat. Now it also has the variation with buffalo meat or pork. Besides thang co, traditional Bac Ha pho is also widely spread.

Sapa market 2Traditional Bac Ha noodle soup consists of sour pho, mixed pho or and noodle soup with a variety of ingredients, in which the first one is standing out and likes nothing else. Rice noodles make a great difference between Bac Ha and other provinces’ pho. The noodles here are not as white as usual. They are brown due to the special local red rice is grown in Lung Phinh commune. According to local folks, this kind of rice is very hard for rice cooking, but when making noodles, they are soft and aromatic. The process of making noodle is quite elaborate. Rice after carefully soaking will be ground and then filtered and spread on a hot flat pan. Standard noodles are not too thin or too thick and must be cooled before processing. There is no preservative in these home-made noodles so Bac Ha pho is only used in the day. There are different tastes in different pho stalls.

Sapa market 1In the sour pho, the sour taste is of paramount importance. Traditionally, the sour broth is made from soaking vegetables with sugar solution, letting them fermented and filtering the precious sour liquid. This is a rigorous process in which the quality of the sour stock depends greatly on the chef’s experience. Nowadays, this broth is made more simply with fermented fruit juice cooked in a certain proportion.

A bowl of pho noodles consists of hot noodles, char xiu ( Chinese marinated fried pork) pieces, diced raw vegetables, peanuts and finally a little bit of sour soup. Before eating, you should add a little bit of salt because the sour soup will be slightly fainter than the general taste of everyone.

Special wines should try in Sapa

Amazing dishes of Sapa’s unique cuisine



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